19 June, 2009

And Then There Was Light

Ceilings are often the carrier of light sources. Indirect light, daylighting and cove lighting are great ways to provide light in a discreet way.bungalowrenov-showcase-b-02
Clerestory windows and skylights combine to create the daylighting in this home. Architect: Locus Architecture www.locusarchitecture.com
Celestory windows in this living room provide soft daylighting in this great room and define a separate area for seating. Architect: Mark Kawell  www.kawell.com
A skylight at the center of this kitchen provides great general lighting during the day. Architect: Locus Architecture www.locusarchitecture.com
Lighting in the stepped tray of this house creates soft, intimate lighting in the dining room. Architect: Charles Stinson www.crsarch.com
Lighting the tray ceiling in this bar helps aleviate the impression that you are in a lower level. Architect: Mark Kawell www.kawell.com

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