25 April, 2013

And the countdown begins!

by Lauren Setum, Allied Member ASID
It's official, ten more days until LiLu Interior's spring event, Fashion + Interiors! Over the next week and a half, we'll be introducing you to each participating vendor by showcasing fashion unique to each boutique and sharing fun facts. Today, we're kicking off the countdown with local Minneapolis boutique, Lily and Violet.

Their mission statement is as attractive as the apparel that they offer:

 " At Lily and Violet we believe that beauty comes in the simplest forms – a warm latte in the morning, fresh flowers from the farmers’ market, a good book on a lazy Sunday afternoon, a glass of red wine with girlfriends!"

"Be genuine. Live kindly. Seek adventure."

I must admit that out of all the fabulous boutiques and vendors we're working with this year, Lily and Violet resonated the most with my personal style preferences. Of course, no two people are alike, so stay tuned this week to see which looks you gravitate towards. For today, enjoy a look from LiLy and Violet that I just love (and will probably be found in my closet eventually)!

All right, I lied, I couldn't choose just one item/look!