11 April, 2012

An Interior Worthy of a Standing Ovation

by Lauren Setum, Allied Member ASID
I recently attended a performance by the Houston Ballet as part of the local Northrop Dance Season. Every year, Northrop brings in a variety of dance companies from all over the world to perform right here in the Twin Cities...it makes for a fabulous Friday night out, I definitely recommend looking into upcoming shows. Catch a glimpse of the mixed repertoire performance I saw in this video.
When I was in school, a professor once pointed out the similarity between the art of dance and interior design. Both of these creative fields involve the idea of bodies in space and how they can be manipulated by design ideas (or choreography) and result in something extremely impactful and intriguing. For instance, the concept that the perfect lines and forms can create an end product that is aesthetically pleasing can be applied to both dance and design. So too can a precise rhythm...whether it is created by the feet of a dancer or repetition of a shape in an interior, both can be visually interesting.

What really gives depth to these fields, however, is the emotion and story behind what you see on the surface. When dancers perform, they are conveying an emotion with each movement. Your interior should do the same, as it is a reflection of who you are, the experiences you've had, and the places you've been. As we explore how to emulate one's passion for dance into an interior, notice how a good design can take this idea a step further than just framing a picture of a ballerina.

Chandelier from Dennis & Leen



End table from Holly Hunt


Chair from Dennis & Leen


Fabric from Donghia

Fabric from Designers Guild

This same idea can be used with any hobby, and LiLu can help bring it to life!