01 July, 2011


By Christina Winter, Allied Memeber ASID
Fast, Fun Facts about Hawaii....
Did you know that Hawaii is the only state that grows coffee?
Hawaii produces about 320,000 tons of pineapple each year.
The Hawaiian alphabet consists of only twelve letters. The five vowels are A,E, I, O,U. And the seven consonants are H,K,L,M,N,P,W.
Hawaii is the only U.S. state whose land area is increasing (from volcanic eruptions).
Hawaii has the highest life expectancy in the United States. Life expectancy for males is 75, for females 80 years.
Hawaii has a unique way of giving directions. To point people in the right path, local residents use “makai,” which means toward to sea and “mauka,” meaning toward the mountains.
Hawaii has the most beautiful sunsets...

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