19 September, 2016

AIA Tour: Ohm Sweet Ohm

By Christina Rymer, Allied Member ASID
This last weekend we had the great pleasure of having one of our homes on the AIA Tour.  This home has a wonderful story of how it came to be.  The homeowner's sought out to create a net zero, sustainable home and wanted to show people that you can have a beautiful home that is also energy efficient, has green attributes and gives back to the community and the earth.  We were honored to be a part of making the client's dreams come true.  We partnered with Marc Sloot of SALA Architects as well as Southview Design for landscaping and Kerry Hage of Hage Homes for the building.
All this week, we will we invite you to learn how we incorporated the net zero and sustainable story into all finish and furnishing selections as well as plumbing, lighting and hardware. They were all selected and executed with a conscious effort toward sustainability, aging in place, and contribute toward healthy environment. The story actually begins with how or where each product is made. The companies all have their story about sustainability, saving energy and what they are doing to improve the world we live in.
Today we are featuring the two main flooring materials that are located on the main floor.  These were both chosen because of their manufacturing processes as well as the contributions they make to the home.  Not only did the clients want a healthy home, they wanted a forever home.  Aging in place designated the layout of the home for one level living and because of the tile and marmoleum's dark, smooth, non glare and non-slip properties they were the perfect choice.  Also, these finishes contribute to the geothermal mass in the home.  They will hold heat all day to be released throughout the evening.
Continue reading below for even more great information about these products!
Ohm sweet ohm Ohm sweet ohm