04 February, 2023

Addressing the Everyday Problems in Kitchens-SKS Appliances

When I toured KBIS courtesy of Design Hounds recently one of our stops was SKS appliances, where they are addressing the everyday problems in kitchens with their innovative appliances.

SKS is combining technology and cooking in a way that is unique.

Food Waste-An Everyday Problem in Kitchens

Food waste is a problem in the United States which contributes to climate issues and is a problem for your family budget as well. In the US, approximately 119 billion pounds of food is wasted per year, or about 40% of food produced. Just imagine if you could safe 40% on your food budget! Having a refrigerator that extends the life of your food is a must.

This 48” refrigerator from SKS uses dual compressors and a metal interior to minimize temperature fluctuations and preserve food longer. In addition, the convertible drawer offers 5 settings and a range of temperatures from 41 degrees to -7 so you can preserve foods from cheeses to ice cream at exactly the right temperature.

The bright interior and shallow depth also allow you to clearly see what food you have in your fridge. You can plan menus to use the food you have in the house and eliminate the waste that happens when food gets “lost” in the back of your refrigerator a common problem in most kitchens. This is a way SKS is addressing the everyday problems in kitchens.

Read more on preventing food waste in this post “23 Genius Food Waste Solutions to Combat the World’s Biggest Problem”

Addressing the Everyday Problems in Kitchens-SKS Appliances.A Range That is Addressing the Everyday Problems in Kitchens

When food doesn’t taste delicious, your family may not enjoy the meal as much leading to food waste. This 48” range from SKS offers a variety of cooking options to increase both the enjoyment of and the nutritional value of the food you invest your time in to prepare for your family.

The integral Sous vide bath is a great way to cook succulent food and increase the nutritional value of your meals. Read more about sous-vide cooking here.

A feature that would solve an everyday problem of leaving a burner on is the light that indicates the burner is on, so you have a visual reminder to turn it off even when the flame is low or hidden by a pan. I know this is a problem for me when I am rushing around.

Learn more about this range in a post I wrote after visiting the SKS culinary and design center in Napa.

Addressing theEveryday Problems In Kitchens

Addressing the Everyday Problems in Kitchens-Sousvide


A Prototype for the Future

I was excited to see an appliance prototype that allows a homeowner to grow herbs, lettuce, etc in the kitchen. Living in Minnesota, I can see that this would allow our family to have tasty fresh herbs all year long without having to import them from warmer climates. I also imagine that in climates that aren’t climate-friendly, this would be a great solution to add micronutrients, addressing the everyday problem in kitchens of providing the most nutritious food for your family. While it’s not on the market yet, I predict this appliance will be a hit with homeowners.

Addressing the Everyday Problems in Kitchens-Herbs

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Addressing Everyday Problems in the Kitchen

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