02 July, 2014

According to LiLu: Jump!

by Ally Evander, Allied Member ASID
I recently took a trip to San Francisco and did quite a bit of exploring. The weather was perfect and I got to experience some beautiful scenery. One adventure worth mentioning was zip lining through the redwood trees. The course consisted of 11 zip lines,  a staircase that meandered up a tree, a rope bridge and finally, ended with rapelling down a redwood.
Zip lining can be a scary experience. Your brain is telling your body not to jump! But once you do, and you arrive at the next platform in one piece, you realize that you are quite safe. And the subsequent jumps get easier, and more fun. And so it is with the interior design process. New clients are sometimes scared to try new things and take risks. At LiLu, we take pride in being able to guide our clients through the decision process and to help them understand the outcomes of each decision. We have many repeat clients with whom we have built trust and they are able to jump right in to bold design decisions with little thought, because they know we wouldn't steer them in the wrong direction.
How can LiLu help you be bold in design?