19 September, 2012

A touch of unexpected…

By Christina Winter, Allied Member ASID
On Monday, we talked about a current master bathroom project we are working on and how we want to make it feel more like a "master" bath while still be functional for everyday use.  To help make the bathroom unique but also relate to the rest of the house we decided on the perfect scheme.  A little moraacon feel with the right touch of unusual.
The focal wall when you walk into the bathroom will be elevated with this tile from Pratt and Larson which can be found at Rubble tile.

The floor will be decorated with this  tile that has just the right amount of a rustic feel almost concrete like to it.

Another material is the countertop for vanity.  The granite is called  Snowflakes and we found it at Amsum and Ash.  It is the perfect material to bring it altogether...a touch of plum with grays and whites.

Check back on Friday for a peak at the  Custom Designed Vanity for the Bathroom...it is one you don't want to miss out on!