13 June, 2018

A Space for Dad-According to LiLu

By Lisa Peck, ASID
Man caves, billiard rooms, smoking parlors, garage mahals, dens, and offices over the years they’ve taken many forms, but it is a tradition for the man of the house to have a space where he is king. No compromising with his spouse on the aesthetic in this space. No need to accommodate toys and tchotchkes. A space of his own. With Father’s Day coming up we wanted to highlight the current favorite rooms for a busy, hardworking man to get away to.

Garage Mahal

Using the garage as a retreat from a busy household isn’t a new idea! My own grandfather did this. His garage wasn’t fancy, but he had it decorated with old license plates and a few Mobile oil signs left over from his days as a station owner.
Today’s garage mahal’s can be simple or elaborate. They are often created to center around a hobby like working on and restoring cars and they can simply be a space to hang out with friends. Do you know a Dad who would love a spot to hang out and talk cars or work on them with his crew?

Music Room

Another favorite hangout for some of the Dad’s we’ve worked with is a music room. Sound-proofed where he and his friends can jam after the kids are in bed. One of the hobby’s that can go by the wayside when you have small children is playing loud music with your friends.
Having a space set aside for music allows Dad to follow through on his passion for music and is a great way to spend time with friends.

Billiard Room

A classic space but still popular. A billiard room, whether it’s a stand-alone space or part of a lower level recreation room the billiard room remains popular. From funky to classic it’s a space that Dad can have reflect him and no one else. Add a poker table, bar and some seating and you have a place for gatherings that suits your Dad to a tee.

At LiLu Interiors we love designing space that support everyone in the family. May Dad would like a new garage mahal for Father’s Day?