23 February, 2015

A Room That Gives Her Roots and Wings

By Lisa Peck, ASID

Representing the style and design ideas of LiLu Interiors - Minneapolis, MN and North Carolina studios

Parents often are faced with a dilemma as their children age out of a "kids room" and need a space that is their own. At LiLu Interiors we listen and talk with our clients about the deeper issues that can come into play when designing a more grown-up room for a child. Often, parents are looking far ahead to the time when their nest is empty and the room becomes a guest room. Concerned about budget, longevity and creating a space that looks like their kid now they often turn to our team. Here are a few tips to consider when designing a teen room.


1) A room that reflects your teens authentic personality and interests is a room they will want to care for.

2) Stepping outside your own design comfort zone can create engagement and a feeling of being heard, supported and expressive for your teen.

3) Discuss and agree upon parameters everyone can live with, such as big budget items are more classic, expression is built through accessories.

4) Discuss the future overtly. Talking about when they leave for college, pride, fear, and when they return to this room as a student, as an adult can help them envision a future, and lead to broader discussions about their own fears and hopes.

5)Allow them to take risks, artwork, paint colors and bedding are pretty safe risk taking opportunities for teens who are looking ways to express themselves and take risks.

6) Have Fun! Come up with crazy ideas, explore every possibility and then decide how you can achieve it. By being open to listening to a teen's wild ideas and coming up with some of your own this can be a happy journey you share.

This teen girls bedroom pairs a sophisticated grey-green with cream and hot pink. The color can be amped up now and become more sophisticated later by switching out bedding and lamps. Classic bed and night stands pair with girly art, lamps and bedding for longevity. Designed for a self-described Tumblr girl one accent wall will accommodate a tumblr-like image display.