23 October, 2017

A Remodel for Entertaining

A Remodel for Entertaining: A little extra space can go a long way with the right space plan! The LiLu team is currently working with a client on an addition and complete reconfiguration of their kitchen, dining area and living room. Their main goal for adding space is to be able to better entertain. Like many of us, they want to be able to have extended family over for holidays as well as host parties for their kids as they grow. The current space plan wasn't supporting the way this family wants to live.
Currently, they can seat 3-4 at the kitchen island, 7 at the dining table, and 5 in the living room. By adding 200 sq. ft. and better utilizing the existing space, they will now be able to seat 7 at the kitchen island, 14+ at the extended dining table and 10+ in the family room. Check out the before and after space plans and just imagine the fun gatherings to be hosted in this great space!

A Remodel for Entertaining Space Plan before

A Remodel for Entertaining Space Plan After