17 November, 2011

A Question of Quality – Tailoring

By Emily Anderson, Allied Member ASID
This week we are looking at the question of quality and what makes a furniture piece worth the investment. Our criteria so far as been construction and finish. Today we are considering one of my personal favorites - the tailoring of upholstery. I love it because a finely upholstered piece of furniture is a thing of beauty. Just like a perfectly tailored suit with the perfect pleats or buttons can take your breath away, so can a tufted sofa or impeccable chaise.
When upholstery is done well anyone can see it. It does not take a trained eye to appreciate quality tailoring. The showrooms here at IMS abound with exquisite examples of exceptional pieces.
Here a few favorites:
Incredible tufted sofa through Duxbury, Ltd.

R. Jones chaise through BlendedBlue.

Successful transition of nail head trim.

Fantastic Bright sofa from BlendedBlue. Look at the amazing tailoring on the back cushions specifically.

Beautiful large scale pattern match. Notice how the inside back flows seamlessly onto chair seat. Chair from BlendedBlue.