22 June, 2009

A Perfect Pitch

What should a home be if not comfortable. What makes a home comfortable? It is a combination of many things: light, color, smell, a great place to cook, a wonderful spot to gather with friends and family, but at the top of our list, a must have in any home is a comfortable place to sit....or “the perfect pitch”.
This term has a different meaning to baseball fans, but to me “the perfect pitch” is a chair (of sofa) with just the right angle between the seat and the back of the chair. This chair is one you can spend hours in reading, working on a laptop or doing needlework. Finding a chair or sofa with a perfect pitch, seat height, seat depth, arm height and back height is a wonderful thing. We strive to have a comfortable seat for everyone in each home we design including their guests.
There are some chairs that are so well designed that they seem to fit both a smaller woman and a tall man like a glove, but these are few and far between. I keep a record of these at the ready and they are great to include in a room. We take note and have knowledge of what furniture manufacturers build seating pieces that work well for different people. If necessary or desired we do take clients on field trips to sit test. This is particularly helpful if you have any back issues or unusually small or large stature.
There is a controversy amongst seating designers, engineers and ergonomic experts as to what is needed in a chair. Much of this centers around chairs for working rather than chairs for residential use. There is continual research, exploration and debate on the topic of what makes a comfortable seat. Considering how long seating has been around it seems strange that the perfect chair has yet to be designed or perhaps there just needs to be as many perfect chairs as there are people.
A comfortable reading chair, good lighting, a table next to it that is the perfect height. It’s heaven. Here are some great sitting and reading spots to inspire you to create your own.

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