04 March, 2013

A Peek at Projects from the Past

by Lauren Setum, Allied Member ASID
I was reminded this past weekend that March is Women's History month. A family member of mine is celebrating all month, check out how below:

"As March is Women's History Month, I will again post a short bio on one interesting woman each day. This year's theme I have found is: "Women Inspiring Innovation Through Imagination:
Celebrating Women in Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics". I will not hold 100% true to this theme, but I will keep in the back of my mind. Innovation and Imagination is not confined to science and math. Innovation may also keenly be seen in Art, Music and Literature. Innovation and Imagination is also not confined to those individuals of note; but rather is often seen in women living their day-to-day lives...."

I thought this was a really fun idea and am excited to see her picks. I, of course, suggested that she post about Dorothy Draper. As you may know, we've posted about her on the LiLu blog more than once, but it seems an appropriate time of year to remember her and her contributions to the field of interior design. Below are images of her work from a Michigan hotel.



Fun design tid bit...watch for that mint green color (on the chairs in the first photo) this season. Seems to be making a comeback! If you're looking for ways to celebrate Women's History month around the cities, check out the State Capitol 'Votes for Women' tour.