20 June, 2012

A Little Slice of Heaven

By Alison Perkins, LiLu Interiors Intern
Being located in Minnesota, we are allowed the unique opportunity to experience a little slice of genius.  To be more exact, the Winton Guest house in Owatonna contrived by Frank Gehry.  Gehry, an esteemed architect has always been among the best due to his innate knowledge of materials and environment.  It seems simple and it seems to make sense, but it is often something that seems to fall to the wayside.  A space must be looked at in relation to the whole of its parts.  The environment and scenery is ever changing, so how do we pay it the careful attention it deserves?
This is where Gehry rightfully takes the cake.
To the naked eye, one might not understand the complex architecture of the guest house, but upon further explanation, it becomes beyond beautiful.  Everything was done for a deliberate reason.  He was the type of man who would sit in a house for 24 hours and observe the movement of light throughout each space.  It was more than just an art, but it was also a science.  The building is comprised of separate compartments that come together around a central area, in order to create a sculptural form that contrasted wonderfully with the original house it was built by.  The interior, while rather plain, allowed the architecture to really stand out.  There was no need to overcomplicate things.  Perhaps my favorite part was the sunken in fireplace corner with cozy floor cushions.  I could imagine grandkids telling scary ghost stories and making childhood memories in that space.  This is what interior design is all about; creating a space that harbors relationships and memories.
Needless to say, it wouldn't hurt any of us to think a little more like Gehry!