31 January, 2018

A Home Tailored to You- According to LiLu

If you are asked what you want from your home, how you intend to live there, you might answer, “ I want what most people want! To cook, eat, sleep and entertain family and friends at my home” Today, on the LiLu blog, we are asking you to think more deeply about this question. If someone suggested that your personality and interests were exactly the same as your neighbor or friend, I am sure you would protest and say, “ I am a really different from person X! I __________fill in the hobby, and I _____fill in the interest. Plus I like to spend my free time doing _______.” There are so many ways that you are uniquely you they are too numerous to count. Designing a home for you means we want to understand everything you want and need from your environment. Ask yourself how you live now and how you aspire to live in the future. The result could be a home tailored to you.
We have recently completed three unique projects that show how everyone might want something completely different from their home.

A Hawaiian Retreat

We recently designed a new construction project in Hawaii and to many people that would sound like an ideal second home. Maybe for romantic getaways or to enjoy the ocean. When we explored the motivation our client had for building this home, it turned out they wanted a place to gather extended family and friends. They want to expand the already close bonds they have with their grown children and grand children. What a great reason to build a home where the entire, big family can gather.
The result: A family-friendly, easy to maintain home with seating for 28 in one space!

A St Paul Kitchen

When this couple hired us to remodel a kitchen for them, they made it clear…although their new old home had a typically petite kitchen for a 1920’s home, she was a serious cook and entertainer. Call it a passion. Some families and couples cook because they have to eat. Not these two. They love to cook and enjoy sharing their culinary talents with family and friends. Some kitchens are almost never cooked in, some are weekend warriors but this kitchen needed to work hard every day while being beautiful enough that friends and family could join in or just enjoy the view.
The result: A small kitchen that cooks big with a stylish attitude.

A Master Bath in North Oaks

This couple wanted to reclaim the Master Bath and banish the rubber duckies that had taken up residence when their children came along! Having a spot to bathe, prepare for the day or wind down in the evening had become a priority as their kids got older. A sophisticated design that always looked tidy was just the right thing for them!
The result: A sleek bathroom where everything has it’s place.
A Home Tailored to You-North Oaks Bathroom
Three stories that hopefully illustrate that every single home has unique occupants and every home can be designed specifically for you! If this idea appeals to you call LiLu and find out how your home can fit you like a perfectly tailored garment.