28 May, 2012

A Healthy Dose of Color

by Lauren Setum, Allied Member ASID

It goes without saying that LiLu loves designing spaces for our residential clients, as each one has a unique set of criteria that challenges and inspires our creative energies. Every now and again, however, we like to mix it up. Take a peek at some photos from one of our commercial projects, they'll brighten your day! After all health, color, psychology all go together!

 health-color-psychology-best-interior-designer-minneapolis.jpgThe Emily program once again partnered with LiLu to create a distinctive environment for healing, this time for its Toogood building in St. Paul. From an old industrial building surfaced a restored space expertly designed to enhance the counseling of adolescents with eating disorders.

health-color-psychology-best-interior-designer-minneapolis.jpgA custom color scheme balances warm and cool colors to emphasize the transition from one area to another.

Patterns, finishes and artwork appeal to the youthful spirit.

health-color-psychology-best-interior-designer-minneapolis.jpgColor blocking and large-scale carpet patterns contrast the rough texture, scale and overwhelming presence of brick walls.

Color is a powerful design element as it has the ability to alter emotions. The colors that designers choose for a space, therefore, are very intentional and purposeful. This week, we are going to focus on the psychology of one color in particular...PURPLE! Check back Wednesday to find out why.