20 February, 2013

A Common Language?

by Lisa Peck, ASID
At the invitation of Brizo I attended an event for New York's Fashion Week. A faucet company and fashion week? You know LiLu loves the intersection of Fashion + Interiors. So this event was not to be missed. It was a great couple of days (many of you have heard I had to leave the event a little early to be back in Minneapolis for Design Week) and I had a blast.

Here's my take-away from the week. All design shares a common language. Whether designing a faucet, a dress, an interior, a building the process is similar. Taking a thought and turning it into a two-dimensional sketch and then a three-dimensional object or space is a magical prospect. I never tire of hearing the story of design. Your unique viewpoint as a designer makes what you create yours but the process, the desire to create and the passion for beauty is a common ground all designers share. This is why the collaboration between Brizo and Jason Wu created such beautiful and successful products.

The clean-lined Jason Wu faucet has a matt black finish...showing off Jason's unique vision. Other features, explained to us by Judd Lord of Brizo...no visible set screws, valve is below deck...all allowing the sleek design to be all about geometry and simplicity. Accessories to coordinate with the faucet were inspired by photos of Versailles that were part of the "Parcours Museologique Revisite" collection. A truly modern take on a historic motif.
Other Brizo features I loved learning about...smart touch and smart touch plus technology, I predict in the near future this luxury will be seen by many as a necessity.
A huge thanks to Brizo for hosting myself and all the great bloggers and designers I enjoyed meeting on this trip. Look for more on Fashion + Interiors. Including LiLu's event in May (see a recap of last year's event)
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*As a guest of Brizo, my airfare and travel expenses were paid for by Brizo. Some images via Brizo Facebook page.