14 October, 2013

A Chair's New Life

by Ally Evander, Allied Member ASID
A family's hand me down chair got a makeover when we reupholstered it and restyled the design details. This tufted, skirted chair did not provide the correct lumbar support, and the style was too feminine and had too many little details. When the clients told us they wanted it reupholstered, we didn't just pick out a new fabric. Instead, we asked them clarifying questions to get to the bottom of what was working about the chair and what was not.


We changed the style of the back from tufted to channeled. The new design adds lumbar support by creating more of a cant to the back.

We cleaned up some of the details. By eliminating the welt on the deck, we created a cleaner look that works better with the new design of the space. We eliminated the ruffle on the skirt and replaced it with a tailored, crisp skirt. The arm was also simplified.

 The end product is so much more comfortable for the client and works so much better in the design scheme with its clean lines and new, more durable fabric.