05 December, 2012

A Chair for Christmas

by Lauren Setum, Allied Member ASID
Car companies often acknowledge the holiday season with commercials that involve a big red bow...

As designers, all of us here at LiLu would like to make some alternate suggestions for items that could be topped with big red bows for Christmas...

Who would want to sit in a car when you could lounge in this chair from Thayer Coggin instead? It's on the floor here at IMS (KDR)!

Console table from Grain, made locally here in Minneapolis. Much more sizeable than the console you'll find in your car!

Thought you needed a truck for Christmas? Nope. This bed from Oly Studio, with great feet, will do just fine.

Handmade lamp by Charlie West, so much better than the little lights in a car! Available through Francis King here at IMS.