06 May, 2021

Bedroom Makeover A Peek at a Project

Bedroom Makeover

We got a call from a client who had recently moved and was looking for help with the finishing touches to make their new house feel like home. They needed an overall plan to mix in new furnishings, art and accessories with what they already had. As part of that project they wanted to start fresh in the bedroom. We started with how they wanted the space to feel, and their favorite color. Our goal was to design a restful inviting space that flowed with the rest of the house.


We wanted to find artwork that was both serene and colorful, and drawing on their love of nature and the outdoors. With their love of mountains and lakes we found the perfect landscapes with a touch of their favorite color, purple.


The drapery fabric organic tree branch pattern is subtle yet provides a dramatic layering of interest in the room.
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The lamps have an almost rock-like formation shape to the base and add a bit of reflective quality that is set off by the quiet artwork behind them. And continues the mix of materials overall in the room.
#Bedroommakeover #Bedroomdesignidea #Bedroomdecor


We selected a stripe fabric that incorporated the range of neutrals in the room and combined it with an organic geometric pattern in a deep purple. Mixing quiet with a splash of color to create a restful, joyful feeling.
#Bedroommakeover #Bedroomdesignidea #Bedroomdecor


We selected furnishings that mixed materials: heavily grained woods with sleek metals, glass top floating night stands. To create a serene feeling we kept accessories to a minimum.  We artfully placed a tall bottle shape with an open metallic form.
#Bedroommakeover #Bedroomdesignidea #Bedroomdecor

Install Photos

Through the mix of textural and sleek finishes, organic patterns, and shades of neutral with pops of deep purple, the room feels both restful and inviting, quiet and interesting.
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Comments on Bedroom Makeover A Peek at a Project
  1. Janet Lorusso says:

    I love the artwork selection , and what an elegant space! I’m sure your clients are over the moon to have such a lovely bedroom!

  2. Mary Ann Benoit says:

    Beautiful space and I love the artwork you picked. Very relaxing and inspiring at the same time. I bet they love it.!

  3. Heather says:

    A real hotel feel!

  4. Anne says:

    Beautiful bedroom. So many gorgeous ideas – thanks!

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