07 June, 2017

5 Must Have Summer Spaces-Design Your Home to Make the Most of Summer-According to LiLu

The LiLu team and large numbers of our clients live in northern climes. That means when summer comes around we want to make the most of it. We live and entertain outdoors whenever we can! While people in Arizona are huddled inside enjoying air conditioning we are striving to get as much fresh air and sunshine as we can! Today we are featuring inspiration for the top five must have summer spaces you should consider designing into your home to make the most of summer.

Outdoor Pools

Yes it's a luxury but why not enjoy a swimming pool all summer long instead of just when you're on vacation. Common advice these days is to buy experiences not things. I couldn't agree more! I recommend designing the experiences you want to have everyday into your home. You know swimming is good exercise and that the kids will have fun all day and then me wiped out enough to sleep at night so many families swim a lot in the summer. However, The hurdles to swimming every day can be daunting. Packing everyone into the car with the appropriate gear is enough to stop you in your tracks. But what if the pool
We're right outside your back door?
5 Must Have Summer Spaces-PoolsInspiration images via Architectural Digest and Slim Aarons


A pool house can make s great entertaining space and bonus! You have to have a pool to have a pool house. Two birds, one stone! Pool houses can incorporate bathrooms and changing rooms next to the pool. A kitchenette for making a serving snacks poolside and seating areas for those who want to stay out of the sun while keeping an eye on the kiddos in the pool. Once you have a pool the pool house becomes a must have!
5 Must Have Summer Spaces-Pool HousesInspirational images via Instagram


Cabana, pool house what's the difference? A few less amenities but still a fun whimsy of a space that is poolside and shades you from the sun. Maybe you already have the outdoor kitchen and a convenient bathroom for swimmers to use? Consider a cabana. More like a tent or hut a cabana can be a fun place to lounge or sleep poolside out of the sun but still enjoying the fresh summer air.

Inspirational images via Instagram


So you haven't sprung for the pool but still like entertaining outside. I have a perfect suggestion for creating a special outdoor experience for you and your guests this summer. A pergola. String lights, grow a vine and your outdoor meals become a special getaway even on a weekday evening.
5 Must Have Summer Spaces-PergolasInspirational Images via Instagram

A getaway garden

We all like to get away once and awhile. What if your getaway were just outside the back door or just down the hill. One of my clients has a garden that feels like you've landed in a private Parisian park. Another a
Koi pond bridge and water feature that transport you to Japan. Dream a little about where you would like to get away to? Now create a garden that delivers that peak experience to you every day of the summer and you are sure to spend a lot of time outdoors.
5 Must Have Summer Spaces-Get Away GardensInspirational Images via LiLu Interiors