28 February, 2021

5 Breakthrough Ways LED Lights are Improving Homes -According to LiLu

LED Lights Improve Your Mood and Sleep

Led lighting can change color and intensity throughout the day and help your home support your circadian rhythm. Why is this important? Lights can work against our health. Blue light from screens can disrupt your sleep cycle but with a little help you can use LED lighting as a tool to improve your health.
Because LED lights can change in both intensity and color they are perfect for creating a flexible lighting system in your home that when combined with smart technology is one of the 5 breakthrough ways led lights are improving homes.
Imagine if the light in your home directly mimicked the sunrise to sunset cycle of nature. You would rise to the sun and have calm quiet lighting to soothe yourself into a restful sleep in the evening. During the day your lighting could be set to replicate the sunniest day and help you feel energetic, happy, and productive.
It’s been proven that the lack of daylighting in northern climates (where I live) can cause a type of depression called Seasonal Affective Disorder, discussed in this article by the Mayo clinic. Light therapy is often suggested as the first line of treatment for SAD.
A lighting system in your home that produces a light that mimics the rhythms of nature would positively affect mood and health for your family members. Taking a proactive approach to light could prevent disorders like SAD.
There is a full home lighting system Ketra from Lutron available to create lighting that supports your well-being with lighting that mimics dawn, afternoon and evening light. Below is an example of how the same light fixtures can create different lighting throughout the day.
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LED Lights Flexible, Small and Beautiful

Another one of the 5 breakthrough ways led lights are improving homes, is using their small size to create beautiful fixtures and subtle ambient lighting in your home.
Their small size can allow you to easily create subtle lighting in the background of a space.  Layers of light from task lighting to ambient allows you to see well and prevents glare that can cause eye strain.
The small size of LED lights opens up the design possibilities with light as well and the results can be stunning. From a small sleek light fixture that delivers the light you need without distracting from the aesthetics of a room to the ability to deliver a beam of light directly into a crystal and up-level the sparkle of a chandelier, like this one from Hubbardton Forge.
LED Lights5 LED Lights4

LED Lights Deliver Great Task Lighting

The beauty of the LED lights for task lighting is that you can find out before you buy a fixture how much light it delivers. Look for the delivered lumens. When interior designers learn about lighting in college, we did calculations to understand how many lumens were being delivered at the surface of a task to understand how well the average person could see to do a critical task like cooking, a hobby or applying makeup. Now with many fixtures labeled with delivered lumens, it can help you understand whether the light you like is up to the task.
LED lamps used at the desk or next to a reading chair improve your home and let you do the things you want or need to do easily with the right light to prevent eye strain and give you the ability to see small details in things like needlework or fly tying or anything you love to do and help you do it well.
LED Lights6

LED Lights are more efficient

LED lights are energy-efficient and improve your home by making it more sustainable. Changing all your current light bulbs to LED may seem a bit intimidating but it will be worth it in the long run. Because they use less energy, they can help the environment in the long run and they allow your life to be more sustainable. How? When your home cost you less to operate you have either more money to do other things that are important to you or more time to do the things you find joyful and fulfilling. Doing the things that bring you joy in life sustains your well-being.
LED Lights2

LED Lights Change the Mood of a Space on Demand

Think about painting with light. Bathing a space in pink, blue or green can take the same space with the same materials can completely change the mood and aesthetic of the space. While we have been using LED lights to do just this for the teen crowd for a while now, the idea has become more sophisticated and appealing to homeowners as this technology has improved.
Your brightly light family room or recreation can become an evening retreat when painted a different moody hue. A dance club at home sound appealing? It can be yours by adjusting the color of a tape light that is washing the walls of the room. The initial investment in these color and mood-changing lights will pay off in keeping your home a lively and interesting environment you love to be in for all kinds of occasions. Just one more of the 5 breakthrough ways LED lights are improving homes.
LED Lights3 LED Lights7 Cream Beach Photo Pinterest Graphic

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  1. Judith Taylor says:

    Gosh, I can remember when there was so much resistance to LED lights. People thought they would be too cold. They have come a looooong way! There really isn’t anywhere they can’t be useful. Thanks for all the tips!

  2. Anne DeCocco says:

    I really enjoyed this post Lisa. Nothing is more important than lighting and LED’s are making it easier to combine form with function every day. Well done!

  3. Vicky Sanderson says:

    A reminder of how fundamental good lighting is to good design. Great info, and such inspiring pics. Thx for the great read.

  4. Robin Baron says:

    Wonderful post! So thoughtful and full of information. And I love how you think, bringing everything together with a focus on wellness. That is so important.
    I really loved it!

  5. Carole says:

    Thanks for showing all the options and how far LEDs have come! Great post!

  6. Janet R Lorusso says:

    On the nose – lighting is THE most important aspect of any space – get it wrong and nothing else will you do will matter!

  7. Leslie Carothers says:

    Hi Lisa ~ I really enjoyed this post. For me, lighting is the #1 element that creates a beautiful and functional home. Learning about all the different ways LED’s can be used was so interesting. Thanks for your continual focus on what helps us live with intention in our homes.

  8. Christie says:

    A reminder how a small thing can make such a huge difference!!

  9. Rick and Sheri Bruneau says:

    This is great, Lisa! I too agree that lighting is so important in a space. It’s funny, for many clients they don’t truly understand until we educate them. When we do, a little light bulb goes on (see what I did there – LOL).
    Thank you for this great post as I’ll surly be having my clients read it!

  10. Mary Ann Benoit says:

    I love this idea so much that a lighting system in your home can produce light that mimics the rhythms of nature and positively affect mood and health. Brilliant! Great post.

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