14 July, 2017

Tips for a Luxurious Bathroom – Friday’s Look of the Day

Today we bring you Designer Tips for a Luxurious Bathroom as our Friday Look of the Day.

Simple Solutions

Simple solutions can be as easy as replacing your standard towel bars for your bath towels with a heated bar so when you step out of your shower you are greeted with a warm towel to wrap yourself in.  Another idea is to get matching or mix and match bathroom accessories that sit on your counter that hold your q-tips, soap, tissues and toothbrushes.  An added visual of color and texture may be just want you to need each morning.
tips for a luxurious bathroom - simple amenities

Finishes and Materials

Consider adding a tile to a focal wall in your bathroom that reflects you and your style.  We spend a lot of time in our bathrooms and this is one place you should splurge to get a look that is uniquely yours.
tips for a luxurious bathroom - custom tile

Showering Experience

Rain head showers, adjustable shower heads, hand showers...the list is endless for the type of shower heads out there to help you get the feel and experience that you want each time you step into your shower.  The best thing is that you don't have to pick just one!
tips for a luxurious bathroom - shower heads

Entire Shower Experience

We call this the car washes of showering.  Body Sprays, a over head rain shower, two more shower heads on adjustable arms, and a hand shower; what more could you possibly need!
tips for a luxurious bathroom - shower experience

Storage Solutions and Organization

A luxurious bathroom would not be luxurious if it doesn't have the proper organization needed to be able to hide those day to day items such as a hair dryer, your brushes, makeup etc.  Custom solutions offer ease of mind and we can help design them into your life!
tips for a luxurious bathroom - storage solutions