13 January, 2011

2012 Predictions: Protection

By LuAnne Silvia, ASID
The dictionary defines protection as "The act of protecting or the state of being protected; preservation from injury or harm." By definition it is focusing on avoiding something negative. I think this is an interesting word when talking about the future. If you focused on something positive, the definition might become: "Understanding and deciding the true value of something and maintaining the importance of it's worth." 
Trend Identified: Preservation= responsible action; the third trend identified in the 2012 Color Pulse is Protection.
As Defined by Color Pulse: The space between living and isolation, and belonging. Finding the buffer zone, safe haven. Multiple layers, wrapping.
What I Find Exciting: The sense of mystery and how protection relates to preservation, hidden gems.
Design Highlights: Cloaking, draped, padding, quilted, gauze bandage, camouflage, masks, body painting, armor, spiked, reflective sharred surfaces, jeweled
Colors: Camouflage, military green; feminine; black, silver, slate, alabaster; crimson, plum; pink, magenta, heathered plum; metallic, pearlized
Of Interest from the Presentation: The inspiration was drawn largely from the female body, many of the images related to fashion. Furnishings and lighting fixtures are draped and wrapped  in layers of varying materials. See images below of a vanity by Kohler  that is wrapped in marble. Designed by Bill Solfield for Kallista, it is available in both Nero Marquina and Statuary White marble. It is cut from a single piece of 2" thick marble.
Jeton Vanity with Statuary White marble and blanche lacquer finishvanity
Detail of Jeton Vanity with Nero Marquina marble
vanity 2Be sure to check back tomorrow when I will discuss the final trend, Enlightenment.

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