12 January, 2011

2012 Predictions: Process

By LuAnne Silvia, ASID
This week I am sharing the trends presented by Benjamin Moore's Color Pulse for 2012. At LiLu Interiors we are familiar with process. Each client and project are unique but we approach each project with the same general process. It starts with getting to know our client through conversation, a visit to their home, a written questionnaire. What we discover leads us to the next step in the process, the design concept. Everything that makes each client and project unique helps guide us throughout the process of designing an interior that is just right.
Trend Identified: Preservation= responsible action; the second trend identified in the 2012 Color Pulse is Process.
As Defined by Color Pulse: Process is all about the journey, flow, evolution. Showing how you arrived at the solution. The design reveals the steps it took to get there.
What I Find Exciting: As a designer, other than the solution there is nothing more exciting than the process! Jumping on the roller coaster of life and discovering the unknown ups and downs along the way, resulting in the ultimate vision and collaboration of everyone's best.
Design Highlights: Artwork: ants living in sand creating artwork before our eyes; Working drawings: City maps, pop-up maps become pop-up tables, table setting diagrams; Cultural influences: think urban farming and brining the country into the city, canning starter kits; Furniture: barcode design bookcases; Technology: Recording human interaction and translating the process into a design solution...Recording a group 's conversation gathered around a dining table both visually and auditorially and using technology to capture the process and transform it into a design of criss crossing sightlines that become the top of a table pattern and printed sound waves that become 3D objects.
Colors: Blueprint colors, ink printing, layered greens, charcoal gray; Neon, digital hues; blue, green, black, white, red-orange.
Of Interest from the Presentation: Milan Think Tank...the ultimate definition of Process, a showcase for internationally renowned designers to share installations, meeting places, products, prototypes.
Installation at Milan's Think Tank Exhibit "The Hedgehog" by Jean-Michel Wilmotte
Be sure to check back tomorrow when I will discuss the third trend, Protection.

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