10 January, 2011

2012 Predictions: Preservation

by LuAnne Silvia, ASID
Changing over to a new calendar...a time to think about the year ahead and the year we are leaving behind. A time to recap where you have been,and plan where you are going. Recognizing accomplishments achieved and setting goals for the new year.  Honoring the past, dreaming of the future. Resolutions and predictions.
I find predictions exciting! Thinking of unwritten possibilities that lie before us with a guided mindset toward fulfilling desires. The predictions set by 2012 Benjamin Moore's Color Pulse 2012 are: Preservation; realized through Heritage, Process, Protection and Enlightenment. Exciting and intriguing words certainly!
benjamin moore
Last September Lisa Peck attended Benjamin Moore's Color Pulse for 2012. She was inspired, and in turn shared her enthusiasm with us at our LiLu staff meeting. The presentation by Benjamin Moore's Color & Design Director Doty Horn of future color and global  predictions included stunning images that touched on everything from color, textiles, couture, culture, art, furniture, designers and interiors. As a result, Lisa wrote about global influences and attending international fashion forward events without leaving your living room, Armchair Inspiration.
Intrigued by the predictions Benjamin Moore was making for 2012 and in particular the four key elements they identified to support their prediction, I hopped online and signed up for the webinar version. This week I am going to share the highlights of the presentation and share the thoughts behind Preservation. Check back each day this week to be inspired by how Heritage, Process, Protection and Enlightenment  are predicted to influence, and are already influencing, the future of design.

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