04 August, 2016

A Parisian Inspired Breakfast Room

Today, I would like to invite you to think about an experience you've had while traveling that filled your soul with delight. An afternoon spent at a sidewalk cafe, a view of a courtyard or seascape that was beautiful and inspiring. Imagine now if you could take a little trip back there each day. Using a peak experience to inspire the design of your interior could light your soul up each day.
On my recent trip to Paris, I spotted this courtyard and somehow found it charming, it spoke to me. It inspired me to design a color scheme and a couple of concepts for a breakfast room that would take me back to this charming sun-soaked courtyard every morning. Starting my day with a little peace and pleasure is sure to help me have a better day.
Color palette pulled from photo of courtyard.
Which breakfast room would you pick?
Neutral Breakfast Room with pops of color.
Paris Breakfast RoomColorful Breakfast Room