19 September, 2014

By Christina Rymer, Allied Member ASID

My new husband and I just took a trip or as some would say our "honeymoon" to Jackson, Wyoming this past week.  What a beautiful place with the most beautiful backdrop everywhere that you looked be it the south, north, west or east.  One of the days we hit up one of the prestigious golf courses in the area and took in the sites of the Grand Teton Mountains.  While most people where looking up and out, I couldn't help but to look down and notice all of the beautiful wildflowers.  I made sure we walked or drove passed them every chance we could get.  As I was admiring I couldn't help but be inspired by the beautiful colors especially the blue that I have been seeing popping in the latest fall collections.  Today's look of the day is brought to you by the beauty that surrounds us each day and in the most simplistic things.  We at LiLu, love to find and be inspired by all things and create and design spaces that do the same.