02 December, 2010

15 Questions with LuAnne Silvia

A guest post by Josh Anderson
LuAnne Silvia graduated from the University of Minnesota with a Bachelors of Science in Interior Design way back in 1994. And she's been designing ever since. In 2006, her experience was rewarded when she passed the National Council for Interior Design Qualifications Board Exam. Her certification proves that after 15 years in the industry, LuAnne doesn't just throw a pillow at the problem and call it a day.
So LuAnne knows a lot about interior design. Do you know half as much about LuAnne? You're about to get 15 questions closer:
What, besides the people, do you like most about LiLu?
Getting to know our clients, our team spirit, always evolving as a designer and sharing my passion with fellow designers
What quality do you admire most in your colleagues?
A positive attitude.
What is the most memorable moment in your career?
I had the opportunity to help design St. Barnabas Apartments, a housing complex in Minneapolis for homeless youth, which was a great experience. But what made it memorable was the story a young woman shared at the one-year anniversary celebration who was thriving after living there.
Who is your mentor?
My mom. She never gives up and is always positive.
What is your definition of “Different by Design?”
Knowing who we are and doing things the only way we know how: working hard for our clients and staying true to good design principles.
When is the time and place to use leopard print?
When you need a touch of wild whimsy or exotic drama. And if it fits the personality of the client.
What designer do you admire most?
Lisa Peck. She approaches business and her personal life in the same manner: with energy, enthusiasm and appreciation. She believes the best solutions are a result of collaboration and has built her business around this philosophy. Lisa appreciates everyone she works with and considers everyone on the project an extended member of her team. When most people claim that accomplishing something is impossible, Lisa goes to work to make it possible.
How many articles of black clothing do you own?
A dirty dozen.
What is your favorite movie?
"Something’s Gotta Give." I love Diane Keaton; I love her house in this movie; I love romance; and I love Paris.
What is your favorite book?
It's hard to narrow it down to just one, so I'll give you my top three in no particular order: "To Kill a Mockingbird," "Beneath a Marble Sky" by John Shors about the people behind the inspiration, design, and construction of the Taj Mahal and "The Not So Big Life: Making Room For What Really Matters" by Sarah Susanka.
What characteristic best describes you?
Personal life: enthusiastic; professional life: caring
Have you ever worn high-heels to a construction site?
I don’t think so. I'm pretty sure none of my shoes qualify as high heels (except the ones I wore for our web site photos, and I never wear those to work)
What is your motto?
This week? Actually there are a few I like: "Work hard; play harder." "Believe." "Have a little faith." "Just do it" (I use that one the weeks I feel like I'm constantly on the run).
What do you like most about being a designer in the Twin Cities?
The Twin Cities offers fantastic museums and galleries, local artists, cultural programs, not to mention a uniquely wonderful sense of design.
What’s your idea of perfect happiness?
Waking up to the possibility of a new day and new opportunities.
Tomorrow, Lisa Peck puts a wrap on our "15 Questions with LiLu Interiors."
About the author: Josh Anderson is a freelance copywriter and strategist specializing in igniting brands through advertising, branding and marketing. And he’s partnered with LiLu Interiors since 2008. Follow Josh on Twitter @LiveWireCopy or visit www.livewirecopy.com.

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