03 December, 2010

15 Questions with Lisa Peck

A guest post by Josh Anderson
Lisa Peck is a 23-year veteran of the industry, having graduated from Iowa State University in 1987 with a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Interior Design. In 1991, she passed the National Council for Interior Design Qualifications Board Exam. And about four years later, Lisa partnered with another designer to form Minneapolis-based Pisa Design. For the next 13 years she created award-winning designs and helped build a business of four designers (including LuAnne and Emily). Lisa's entrepreneurial spirit then led her to open LiLu Interiors.
Good stuff, huh? Her clients and colleagues seem to think so. But here are 15 questions even they may not know the answers to:
What, besides the people, do you like most about LiLu?
The spirit of the office and how the physical energy matches our creative spirit.
What quality do you admire most in your colleagues?
Hmmm, just one? Creativity, caring about clients and delivering good service, attention to detail, honesty.
What is the most memorable moment in your career?
I've been fortunate to have had a wonderful career up to this point that includes many memorable moments. But I'd have to say topping the list was the day I opened the doors of LiLu. It was such a thrill to start my own business, especially with such wonderfully talented designers like LuAnne and Emily and now Christina and Ally. Just collaborating with these great people on a daily basis would've been enough, yet we've enjoyed success even beyond my dreams.

Who is your mentor?
I don’t have just one but Nancy Harris (my first boss in design) was the most professional and ethical person. I learned so much from her about organization, good design and treating clients, co-workers and vendors well.
What is your definition of “Different by Design?”
Providing not only creative design that reflects our clients style but doing so with joy, a sense of fun and creating a memorable experience for our clients when they are working with us, and beyond.
When is the time and place to use leopard print?
If you love it, use it! I designed a porch with a leopard print rug…love it!
What designers do you admire most?
Tricia Guild, Eileen Gray, Dorothy Draper…all for different reasons.
How many articles of black clothing do you own?
37…couldn’t believe this when I counted them.
What is your favorite movie?
I have many, but I think "Mr. Blandings Builds his Dream House" is up there along with "Bringing Up Baby."
What is your favorite book?
Maya Angelou’s "Wouldn’t  Take Nothing for My Journey No"
Tom Robbins' "Another Roadside Attraction"
Anything by Anne Lamott, especially "Bird by Bird," I keep a copy on hand to give away.
What characteristic best describes you?
Have you ever worn high-heels to a construction site?
What is your motto?
"Life is short…let’s enjoy it, and bring joy and beauty into it."
What do you like most about being a designer in the Twin Cities?
Such great clients and colleagues. People here love design but don’t take it or themselves too seriously.
What’s your idea of perfect happiness?
Different on different days. Today, a cuddle with my husband and kids in a warm holiday spot sounds perfect.
We hope you've enjoyed our "15 Questions with LiLu Interiors." More than that, we hope you've gotten the chance to witness the dedication these four women have to design and the clients they serve. And if you'd like to learn more, now you can feel comfortable calling one of them up and asking for her by name.
About the author: Josh Anderson is a freelance copywriter and strategist specializing in igniting brands through advertising, branding and marketing. And he’s partnered with LiLu Interiors since 2008. Follow Josh on Twitter @LiveWireCopy or visit www.livewirecopy.com.

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