01 December, 2010

15 Questions with Emily Anderson

A guest post by Josh Anderson
Emily Anderson has been an interior designer since 2005, when she graduated from the University of Minnesota with a Bachelor of Science in Interior Design. She started her career with Minneapolis-based Pisa Design, first as an intern and then joining the firm full-time as an interior designer. Thee-plus years later she jumped at the opportunity to help form LiLu.
But that's filler used to break awkward silences at networking events. Here's 15 things you may not know about Emily:
What, besides the people, do you like most about LiLu?
Every Monday we start the week with a staff meeting. Lisa starts by reviewing all the great things that happened the week before and ends with a nugget of inspiration. The nuggets are always different, sometimes relating directly to design, sometimes not. We’ve read quotes, watched YouTube clips and listened to songs. Anything to get our creative juices going. 
What quality do you admire most about your colleagues?
My colleagues at LiLu are great designers, but more importantly they're great people who genuinely care about our clients -- doing a great job for them is our top priority. We also care about each other. Over the years, we've become like family, supporting each other personally and professionally. 
What is the most memorable moment in your career?
Being asked to be a designer with LiLu has to be the big one so far. Coming to work every day and collaborating with really talented and creative people is a pure pleasure. And it may sound cheesy, but every installation where a client is left speechless, watching them really “get it” for the first time and seeing them fall in love with their home is always memorable.
Who is your mentor?
Lisa and LuAnne. I've worked with them for over six years now and they've shown me how to manage projects wisely and get things done. I have great respect for them and cannot imagine where my design career would be without their influence.
What is your definition of “Different by Design?”
We just do things differently here: we work in teams, focus on our strengths, don’t get wrapped up in egos. We care about our clients and each other.
When is the time and place to use leopard print?
It has to be the right house and the right client. It's fun to sprinkle in small amounts of just about any animal print, and it can swing very contemporary or very traditional. I personally love it and even wear it on occasion -- leopard print is ALWAYS okay on a pair of killer heels.
What designer do you admire most?
Dorothy Draper. I've blogged about her (some may say at nausea) on the LiLu blog. I admire her fearlessness and her desire to make things beautiful.
How many articles of black clothing do you own?
Too many to count. I basically live in black and shades of gray. 
What is your favorite movie?
I’m typically drawn to depressing movies. What that says about me, I’m not sure. I’ve always liked "Shawshank Redemption" and "Mystic River." But what I really love is watching television series on DVD. Shorter air time makes them easier for me to sit through. Of course, I love "The Sopranos," and we're currently hooked on "Damages."
What is your favorite book?
I’m one of those people whose favorite book is the one I’m currently reading. Recently I finished "Eat, Pray, Love," laughing all the way through the Italy section – hilarious. I’m currently in the middle of "Have a Little Faith" and "The Pillars of the Earth."
What characteristic best describes you?
Curly hair.
Have you ever worn high-heels to a construction site?
Unfortunately, yes, just last week. I was caught off guard by some snow and ice on a job site and needed an installer from Minneapolis Glass Company to walk me to my car. Not my finest moment, but he was such a gentleman. Thank you! I do have an affinity for impractical shoes, but always try to carry a pair of boots with me, just in case.
What is your motto?
My dad has always told me, “Whether you think you can or you think you can’t, you’re probably right.”  He instilled in me the belief that I could accomplish whatever I put my mind to. It relates perfectly to my work here at LiLu. We don’t take “no” for an answer. Whether on a job site or at the drafting table, we're always looking for creative ways to implement an idea or make things happen.
What do you like most about being a designer in the Twin Cities?
The Twin Cities is home to many creative and talented architects, contractors and interior designers, tile setters, painters -- the list goes on and on. Our design industry is close-knit and people really care about each other. Maybe there really is something to “Minnesota nice.”
What’s your idea of perfect happiness?
Being with my husband and my girls.
Check back tomorrow when LuAnne Silvia takes her turn answering our "15 Questions with LiLu Interiors."
About the author: Josh Anderson is a freelance copywriter and strategist specializing in igniting brands through advertising, branding and marketing. And he’s partnered with LiLu Interiors since 2008. Follow Josh on Twitter @LiveWireCopy or visit www.livewirecopy.com.

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