13 November, 2013

Magnusson Collection

By Christina Winter, Allied Member ASID

Every Thursday LiLu takes some time to learn about new products.  We have representatives from various lines that range from Furniture to Fabrics, Lighting to Plumbing come to our studio and inform us on their products, the latest technology or the new collections that have come out.  Last week, we got to take a look at Momentum Textiles Loom Source line and see their new collection from Carl Gustav Magnusson and
Emanuela Frattini Magnusson.  It was so inspiring I couldn't wait to share.  We loved the bright colors along with the fun, new patterns but the background stories of each fabric is what got me.
The entire collection and story can be found on their website... https://www.themomgroup.com/momentum_group_design_collaboration_carl_magnusson.shtml 

There are five patterns in this collection called Magnusson.  They are organic yet structured with great color combinations.

The first pattern called Cairns is a beautiful diamond.

The second pattern is called Nagayo and is represenative of a Japanese garden.

The Next pattern is called Malmo and is has symbols that represent a reflected ceiling plan.  I just love it!

Turin is a beautiful pattern that is a layerd stipe under an organic grid.

Riga is a loose stripe with amazing colors!