Monday’s Peek at a Project: Dynamic Eating Areas

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By Christina Rymer, Allied Member ASID Today's Peek at Project is a peek at a condo that we have had the pleasure of designing with a custom banquette dining space along with a high island with bar stools.  When it comes to Condo living things are often in open and smaller spaces than your typical [...]

With Gratitude….

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by Ally Evander, Allied Member ASID To our clients, who put the color in our lives: Thank you for welcoming us into your homes to help you realize your dreams. We are grateful for you!          

Peek at a Project: the Mother of all Thanksgiving Tables

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by Ally Evander, Allied Member ASID We designed this gorgeous custom dining table for a client who hosts large gatherings for family and friends around the holidays. On an ordinary day, it seats 10. When it is expanded, it can seat 16! (Or more if you want to get cozy.) The unique thing about this [...]

Quiet Comfort-According to LiLu Clients

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by the LiLu Design Team           LiLu Interiors is an interior design firm in Minneapolis, MN focusing on supporting our clients' intentions for their lives and designing homes that help people live their best life. Quiet comfort for family life is what these clients desired for this new construction home in Stillwater, [...]

Design Journey

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There is a great variety in the work we do as interior designers. The journey from taking an initial idea to the final result involves many steps and a variety of tasks. In designing this master bathroom remodel we started with the function and layout of the space, first sketching a new plan for the [...]

Lutsen Rustic Modern Home

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We enjoy collaborating on architecturally designed new construction homes from the beginning of the project when we can help oversee the vision from the early conceptual stage through the details and the final installation. The final installation is just the beginning! This is when every carefully thought-out detail becomes a home. It is our role [...]

Exotic Beauty: Peek at a Master Bath

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by Ally Evander, Allied Member ASID Check out this design for a client's boring bathroom, soon to be a lovely, exotic escape.      

Monday’s Peek at a LiLu Project: Granite Countertops

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By Christina Rymer, Allied Member ASID Here at LiLu we select granite for numerous projects and a variety of different applications. This week on the blog we will show you how LiLu helps guide you through the selection process of selecting the perfect granite for your project. With each project we start out with a [...]

Liquid Motion Floor Tiles

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Our client's vision for Playmore & Prosper was to have their client's feel inspired about possibilities and specifically for their young clients to discover that it is no ordinary place, it is special, and these people speak my language. Read on to find out what cool flooring product we suggested to invite magic and encourage play.  In [...]